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Basement Refinishing services in Aurora

When it comes to basement refinishing services in Aurora, we ensure that your basement is able to provide value to your lifestyle. Renovating or refinishing a basement can enhance the area at a fraction of the cost. You can effectively use the space without having to add any additional rooms to your house. Refinishing the basement is a good option if you want to convert an unutilized space into a gym, study, bedroom, home theater, etc.
At Onsite Constructing, we are aware of the various requirements of our clients. We understand that when a client approaches us, they expect us to provide them not only quality services but also expertise related to refinishing and remodeling. Thus, we also provide consultation services to our clients. We guide our clients from the design phase to the implementation phase, so that a client is able to make the necessary changes in the interior at the right time.

Basement Refinishing Services

When it comes to basement refinishing, we provide a complete package of services. The services Onsite Contracting offers depend on what the client requires and for what purpose the basement will be utilized for. But the basic services we offer include installation of insulation, drywall, painting, and installation of floors. We offer a variety of flooring options. These include hardwood floors, carpets, vinyl, tiles, stone, and marble. The client’s budget is a major factor in deciding which flooring will be chosen. The overall cost of refinishing a basement can vary depending on what a client requires and the budget.
To utilize the basement in your house effectively, we provide designs before beginning with the refinishing process. The client can make changes or adjustments in the design as they deem necessary. Once the design has been approved, our team begins with refinishing.
Apart from enhancing the interior of your basement, it is important to ensure the safety of the space as well. In this, our team provides insulation against potential fires. We also take precautions against water accumulation in the basement so that the basement does not flood during rainy seasons. One of the common things is mold formation in basements. Since a basement is the remotest area of the house, it is also often the most neglected one. Hence, we also provide services to get rid of the mold in the basement. Moreover, we also provide water damage restoration services in the case water gets into the basement.

Professional Services

Refinishing a basement is a time-consuming task that requires special care and attention. The staff at Onsite Contracting is composed of professionals. Moreover, we ensure that our staff is equipped with state of the art equipment that ensures that they are able to the job up to the standard offered by Onsite Contracting. In addition to this, our staff is trained in various skills so that they provide you with quality workmanship. The services we provide are in line with a client’s budget. Onsite Contracting does not compromise on quality.

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To get an idea regarding the basement refinishing services in Aurora that Onsite Contracting offers, you can avail of a free quotation on the cost of the services. For more information regarding the services we offer, feel free to contact us on our phone number: (720)329-0964.