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Building demolition contractors in Aurora

Onsite Contracting has been providing its services in Aurora and surrounding areas for over 27 years. Over the years, we have been able to provide a range of services to our clients. Moreover, our experience in the field has enabled us to deal with various clients’ requirements. Apart from being a contracting company, we also offer water restoration services, in addition to providing fire and smoke restoration services.
When it comes to building demolition contractors in Aurora, there is no doubt that Onsite Contracting is the best. In the services we offer for demolition, we ensure that there is no damage to the surrounding, including infrastructure, trees, and other buildings.

Building demolition services

Demolition services involve dismantling a building with the relevant machinery such as cranes, dumpers, bulldozers, etc. In order to properly dispose of items in a building, the fixtures are first removed from the property. This allows our team to remove items that are in good shape and that can be used again. Moreover, it helps in reducing waste from demolishing a building. Equipment that can be salvaged is given to the client so that they can use it if they wish to. This saves clients’ resources.
Hazardous items are removed from the property. The same goes for glass material such as glass windows. We assume responsibility is demolishing a building without causing damage to the surrounding infrastructure as well as the machinery. Demolition a building is not a small project. It requires experience in handling the machinery and in taking apart the structure carefully. Our team ensures that the building is removed step by step. Our team of demolition experts takes its time in demolishing a building carefully rather than doing it haphazardly.
There are several ways to demolish a building that our demolish experts employ. Our staff is well-equipped with explosives as well as non-explosive methods of demolishing a building. In using explosive methods, we comply with environmental protocols and restrictions. When it comes to using a non-explosive method of demolition, we make sure to salvage whatever we can. Most demolition contractors do not take this into account because it is a painstaking task. However, our team ensures saving and reusing the material saved from the building. Apart from demolition services, we also ensure removing the junk and getting rid of the debris using our machinery.

Professional team

Our team of professionals ensures that we provide quality services to our clients. In addition to this, our staff has years of experience in providing demolition and other services to clients. They have the right equipment and the skill set to get the job done. Moreover, you can rely on our staff since we perform a background check on them so that you don’t have to.

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