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Fire and smoke damage restoration in Aurora

Onsite Contracting has been providing services for over 27 years. We provide fire and smoke damage restoration in Aurora. Apart from this, we also provide water damage restoration services as well.

Fire and smoke damage restoration services

Fire and smoke can cause unprecedented damage to a building long after it goes out. In order to protect your property and valuables from further damage, you can depend on Onsite Contracting to provide you with restoration services. In this, time is of the utmost importance. To avoid further damage, it is necessary that you call Onsite Contracting.
Removing valuables such as furniture and other equipment can help prevent any further damages. Hence, if your building has undergone a fire, the first step involved removing valuable from the property. The second step is assessing the damage that is done. Fire can cause the structure of a building to weaken. Thus, for the safety of the inhabitants, it is important that the building is assessed. Only after this step and ensuring that the building is safe does our staff move on with the renovation and restoration phase.
One of the major steps involving restoration is cleaning up the soot on the walls and the floor. If the flooring in your house consists of hardwood, vinyl, or bamboo flooring, you will need to change the flooring as soon as possible. So before anything else, our staff works to remove debris and other burnt items that cannot be used. After they are disposed of, the staff goes onto the restoration phase. Another key part of the fire and smoke damage restoration process is getting rid of the odor due to burning.
Once the odor is removed, we begin with providing cleanup services. The flooring is repaired, if possible, otherwise new flooring is installed. Other than this, we offer wallpaper installation and painting services as well. In addition to this, we also provide installation of fireproof material that can help mitigate the damage done in the case of a fire. At Onsite Contracting, we understand the emotional stress and anxiety that is brought on by an incident such as a fire. This is why our staff ensures to provide you with the best services that can lead your property to look brand new.

Team of professionals

Our team of experts is composed of professionals that have been providing services for a long time now. The team ensures in providing quality to the clients. At Onsite Contracting, customer satisfaction takes precedence over everything else. This is why you can depend on us to provide you with a high standard of services. Read the customer testimonials on our website to get an idea of the quality services that we offer. We provide a free quotation on the cost of our services. Be sure to avail it.

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Onsite Contracting provides a range of services apart from fire and smoke damage restoration in Aurora. The services that we offer include construction, demolition, repair, and remodeling. You can check our website for more information regarding the services that we offer. If you would like to get in touch with a staff member at Onsite Contracting, simply call us at (720)329-0964.