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Hard wood floor refinishing contractors in Aurora

There are many hard wood floor refinishing contractors in Aurora, but none come as close to providing quality services as Onsite Contracting. What sets us apart from other contractors in the experience that we have attained. With over 27 years of being in the contracting business, we provide quality services to our clients. In addition to this, we make use of quality products and standard equipment. We never compromise on quality and ensure that our clients get the best of the services that Onsite Contracting has to offer.

Floor installation services

When it comes to the installation of floors, our team of experts gets the job done without any hassle. Onsite Contracting offers a range of flooring options for you to choose from. Hard wood floors come in a variety of textures, colors, and sizes. Although hard wood floors are a little on the pricey side, adding a hard wood floor to your interior can make it luxurious.

Since hardwood floors undergo wear and tear, over a period they can lose the shine and texture. This is why refinishing a hard wood floor after every 5-10 years is necessary; it depends on the quality and texture of the hardwood floor. But you shouldn’t worry because apart from installation services, Onsite Contracting also offer refinishing services, and more.

Hardwood refinishing process

The refinishing process is a time-consuming process. It requires a lot of care. The refinishing process for a hardwood floor involves several steps, the first of which is sanding. Sanding the floor ensures that the splinters from the wood are removed. Moreover, it gives the surface a smooth and even texture. The next step involved staining the hard wood floor. In this, the stain of your choice is chosen to color the hardwood floor. The stain may be applied several times to get the desired color. The drying process takes time since you do not want to ruin the stain. After the stain, a final coating or the varnish is applied to give a shine to the hard wood surface.

Refinishing is important for a hard wood floor if you want to prolong its life. Hardwood floors are robust and can last a long time. However, they require care. Mold formation in the case of moisture can lead to the weakening of the hard wood floor. This is where refinishing helps.

Apart from installation and refinishing services of hardwood floors, Onsite Contracting also offers flooring of other types, including vinyl, ceramic, bamboo, marble, stone, and others. These floorings are used for different purposes. Depending on where you want the flooring to be installed and the budget, the choice of flooring may vary.

However, these are not the only services that Onsite Contracting offers. We also offer services such as water damage restoration, fire restoration, remodeling, demolition services, and others.

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