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Water damage restoration services in Aurora

Are you searching for Water damage restoration companies in Aurora? Onsite Contracting offers water restoration and other services to people living in Aurora and surrounding areas.

Water damage restoration services in Aurora

One of the major threats to any property is water. Water can damage the foundation of a building in addition to causing mold formation and other problems. If left untreated, water can cause the structure of a building to weaken as well. This is why Onsite Contracting ensures in providing water damage restoration services as soon as possible. Rainy seasons can flood the basement and ruin your house. Apart from this, water damage restoration services are required in the case of improper sewage disposal or firefighting efforts to put out a fire. Thus, time is of the essence in removing water and debris from your property. At Onsite Contracting, we understand this. This is why our team is always ready to take action in case water damage restoration services are required.

Damage restoration process

The water damage restoration services in Aurora that we offer include pumping water. Pumps and other equipment are used to pump water in large quantities. This process takes time. After the water has been removed from the basement and the property, the interior needs to completely dry. Since moisture in the remotest areas of the house still remains, there is a chance of mold and mildew formation if the moisture is not removed. Mold can form in places such as furniture, wooden floors, walls, etc. This can cause a bad odor to develop. In addition to this, the moisture may cause the metal surfaces to rust and the paint to peel if it is not removed. Hence, dryers, radiators, and dehumidifiers are used to get rid of moisture and dry any areas that may be wet. Once this is done, the rooms are left open to allow ventilation so that they are dry.
Apart from removing water, it is equally important to disinfect the area as soon as possible. Contamination from the water can result in germs and bacteria to quickly spread throughout the building. This is hazardous and can lead to health problems if not dealt with quickly. We also provide services that ensure that the spread of pathogens is reduced.
If you find yourself in a situation where water damage is out of control, call us immediately. As we among the reliable water damage restoration companies in Auroraus are always there for the help. After the water has been removed cleanup is essential. The debris that is left behind can be difficult to clean and remove from the floor, furniture, and walls. Hence, Onsite Contracting provides you services to clean up your property in time without causing further damage. If water damage restoration does not take place on time, it can cost you a lot. This is why we take necessary action to prevent any further damage to the structure of the building. In addition to this, our team tries to remove valuable items before they are damaged beyond repair. Other hazardous items are also removed to avoid destruction to the property.

Expert staff

Our team of professionals is expert in removing water from basements and other parts of the house. They take quick action so as to avoid any damage that may occur due to the water. Moreover, the team has all the necessary equipment to get the job done on time and effectively.
After the water and moisture have been removed, your house may require additional services such as touch-ups and refinish. Worry not, because Onsite Contracting also provides these services as well. We provide painting services, floor refinishing, and drywall repair services to repair any area affected by water accumulation on your property.
As a contracting company, we offer a range of services such as painting, floor installation, refinishing, fire and smoke restoration, demolition, and other services. In all the services we offer, we ensure that our clients get quality services. This is made possible by our team of professionals who work hard. In addition to the experience of our staff, they are trained and have years of experience working in the field. Onsite Contracting has been in the business for over 27 years. During this time, we have been able to provide quality standards to our clients. This is the reason why we are the preferred choice of our clients.

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